Results of the 5 Things newsletter survey

Thank you to those who took the time to provide feedback to us regarding WACD’s weekly 5 Things newsletter.

We conclude that the majority of respondents appreciate the opening list of 5 things in the newsletter and that the preferred frequency is weekly.

Individual comments were very helpful. Several people expressed a desire for more brevity; countering that, several people said the length was fine. Our solution to this conundrum will be to take some of the extended content out of the 5 Things newsletter and post it on the website, providing links to it in the 5 Things newsletter. That way, those who want the extended content have access to it and we satisfy those who desire a shorter newsletter.

There were a few suggestions that essentially said to make the newsletter shorter during the month and provide a larger newsletter at the end of the month. WACD staff are thinking about that idea and we appreciate your thoughts!

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