Resolutions are the primary tool by which the Washington Association of Conservation Districts establishes policies, positions, and actions on behalf of its membership. Resolutions are written by individual districts on topics with regional, state, or national significance for discussion at their region’s Area Meeting in October. Resolutions then are reviewed by a WACD committee before being considered by the full Association at the Annual Meeting.

After adoption, resolutions with national significance are communicated to the National Association of Conservation Districts and advocated for by WACD’s National Director in national discussions. Resolutions with state impacts are shared with the appropriate partners and become Association priorities. All WACD resolutions remain active policy for five years.

5-year resolutions summary

The current summary of 2020 – WACD 5-year resolution summary is now available.

2021 resolutions process

In anticipation of district work on 2021 resolutions, WACD is providing two documents in addition to this year’s template. Our hope with these is to facilitate understanding of the resolution process, how it relates to your district, and why it is the focus of so much of WACD’s organizational energy. 

2021 Resolution Template – For districts looking for this year’s template when writing resolutions.

WACD Resolution Process Primer – An overview of WACD’s resolution process, why resolutions are important, and how to write one.

Resolution Flow Chart – Courtesy of National Director Doug Rushton, a flow chart detailing the process of a resolution from the local level through to the National Association of Conservation Districts. 

Members may find resolutions from prior years on the For Members page under Resolutions.


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