Board of Directors Meetings

WACD is governed by a Board of Directors that meets quarterly to discuss and take action on issues relevant to the state association of conservation districts. The Board consists of 12 Area Directors (two from each of the six areas), the six officers of the association (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, National Director, and Past President), and the President of the Washington Association of District Employees (WADE).

2021 Board of Directors Meetings

The Board adopted a schedule for calendar year 2021 that starts with a work session in January, then a regular meeting in February, and continues that pattern through the year. Meetings will be held on the third Monday of the month in the evening from 6:00 – 8:30 PM. 

  • January 18th – Work session topics to be discussed: 
    • The topics to be discussed:
      1. 2021 Legislative Session
      2. 2021 WACD Committee Actions
      3. Future Board Meeting Topics
      4. Draft Annual Work Plan
      Zoom Meeting Link –
      Zoom Conference Number (253) 215 8782 | Meeting ID: 831 7771 9143#
      Meeting Materials – 
  • Business Meeting on February 15th
  • Work Session on March 15th
  • Business Meeting on April 19th.
  • Work Session on May 17th.
  • Business Meeting on June 21st.
  • Work Session on July 19th.
  • Work Session on August 16th.
  • Business Meeting on September 20th.
  • Work Session on October 18th.
  • Business Meeting November 15th. 
  • Work Session December 20th. 

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