Member and partner content moving to the Hub

We are moving! WACD recently surveyed members about our weekly "5 Things" newsletter and the responses were clear: make it shorter and make it longer. This presented WACD with a conundrum. How could we satisfy the group asking for more brevity and the group asking for us to continue, and even increase, the amount of…… Continue reading →

Results of the 5 Things newsletter survey

Thank you to those who took the time to provide feedback to us regarding WACD's weekly 5 Things newsletter. We conclude that the majority of respondents appreciate the opening list of 5 things in the newsletter and that the preferred frequency is weekly. Individual comments were very helpful. Several people expressed a desire for more…… Continue reading →

Join WACD on Slack

[su_vimeo url="" autoplay="yes" title="Slack Introduction Message "] The Washington Association of Conservation Districts, in partnership with the Washington Conservation Society, invites conservation districts and partners in Washington State to join us on Slack.  In this time where conservation districts are adapting to new ways of communicating with partners and constituencies, WACD believes this tool can…… Continue reading →

New Information Resources Plus WACD Actions

Dear WACD members and partners: New information resources are available to you. The State Conservation Commission rallied a fast-action team to assemble resources that conservation districts will find helpful. That information is shared through a special page at The State Joint Information Center is also maintaining an up-to-date information resource at What is…… Continue reading →

Now Is The Time For A Stronger Conservation Community

As your Association Executive Director, part of my job is to maintain an awareness of important happenings across the entirety of our Washington State conservation delivery system.  One of the situations I'm watching now is the accelerating spread of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. The news is worrisome I'm sure you've seen the news. …… Continue reading →

King CD hires staff to address local wildfire concerns

Courtesy of the National Association of Conservation Districts. The King Conservation District (KCD) in Renton, Wash., has long worked with landowners on forest stewardship planning. Recently, within the past three years, KCD has expanded its work to cover wildfire resiliency and preparedness. When word spread that KCD covered wildfire resiliency and preparedness, many landowners began requesting the…… Continue reading →

Journey to Leadership – Lessons from Washington State’s First Women-Led Conservation Partnership

Washington state crossed a milestone on May 1st. For the first time, women simultaneously held all four leadership positions within the state's conservation partnership — Executive Director Carol Smith of the State Conservation Commission, State Conservationist Roylene Rides-at-the-Door for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and President Jeanette Dorner and Executive Director Patricia Hickey…… Continue reading →

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